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“They know how to convey great emotions. Four hands darted across the keys of the grand piano with dreamlike certainty, and a magical world opened.“

“A sound like a whole orchestra
(...)It was an impressive piano recital by two exceptional artists who, in addition to a great technique, also have an intrinsic understanding of the music.“
-Rheinische Post

“One can not speak of an increase within the concert evening, because what Chie Tsuyuki and Michael Rosenboom showed at the Steinway in the New Church, that was altogether highest piano art for four hands, from a single source, out of a synchronous breath.
(...)imaginative, empathetic, full of inspiration.“
-Emder Zeitung

“[…]Both artists, trained soloists, possess a remarkable intensity, musicality and virtuosity, that could simply be called breathtaking, and the highly challenging program with spectacular works by Liszt provided ample opportunity to showcase those traits with bravura. The author of these lines has never heard such an electrifying piano-duo performance like this before, not even on recordings. While their performance of the same program on their disc, released by Odradek, was already highly intense, the live performance even topped that. As a listener one was tempted to jump off the seat in excitement. Trills were brilliantly given form, dramatic accents were captivatingly shaped. During the final piece “Totentanz”, both reached into the body of the instrument to hit the strings directly, which created unusual sound effects. Both players switched positions at the piano after each piece.
Without a doubt: this was an extraordinary concert, enthusiastically received by the public. A glance at the homepage of the brilliant duo reveals, that they will return for another concert in the Speicher in 2018. I’ve reserved the date already!”
-Sven Godenrath, Ihr Opernratgeber

“World-class musicians get standing ovations.“
-Remscheider General-Anzeiger

“Spellbound by the magic of their piano playing.”

“An acoustic and visual highlight.”
-Pyrmonter Nachrichten

“Their performance went far beyond striking the white and black keys. […] Spectacular sounds emanated from the soundboard. Standing ovations!”
-Remscheider General-Anzeiger

“As moving as this extra treat was, as convincing was the whole concert due to its emotional depth and musical intensity and far from any exaggerated self-aggrandizement.”
-Borkener Zeitung

“A piano performance in perfect harmony.”
-Der Westen

“They played the overture of Opus 52 by Robert Schumann not forcefully but softly trickling, with fine staccato sounds and inner dynamism, maintaining the suspense until the very last note .[…] With elegance and charm the duo gave an extraordinary concert which was harmonious in every detail, also regarding the selection and arrangement of the pieces.”
-Esslinger Zeitung

“Piano for four hands has gone a bit out of fashion but if this kind of concert is presented with such skill and such a programme, all “piano for four hands”-sceptics will be absolutely thrilled – with this expressive artistic performance and a fascination that nobody could resist. […] An unforgettable piano soirée.”
-Witzenhäuser Allgemeine

“Both artists mastered the enormous technical difficulties in such a superior way that they were hardly noticeable as such. […] so truly perfect and so absolutely thrilling that everyone was fascinated by the magic of their performance, which was characterised by harmonious rhythm and emotional playing.”

“With their highly-emotional piano-for-four-hands performance they filled the concert hall with a lavish splendour of harmonic colours.”

“In their exciting performance the duo gave expression to all aspects of love and intense feelings.”

“No matter how serious and theatrical the music both pianists never lack a certain ironical distance and casualness that springs from accomplished mastery.”
-Hildesheimer Allgemeine Zeitung

"After this truly passionate experience and Johannes Brahm’s “Hungarian Dance No.5“ as an encore the audience was immensely enthusiastic, which can be the only reaction in view of such a magnificent performance.”
-Pyrmonter Nachrichten

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