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"(…)They know how to convey great emotions."


"so fiery, so sensual"

-Heilbronner Stimme-

"A piano performance in perfect harmony."

-Der Westen-

"In their performance, virtuosity combined with sensitivity"

-Westfälische Nachrichten-

""Without a doubt: this was an extraordinary concert, enthusiastically received by the public."

-Ihr Opernratgeber-

"With their highly-emotional piano-for-four-hands performance they filled the concert hall with a lavish splendour of harmonic colours."


"A sound like a whole orchestra"

-Rheinische Post-

"Spellbound by the magic of their piano playing.(...)so truly perfect and so absolutely thrilling"

-Rhein-Lahn Zeitung-

"Sensitive cosmos(...)imaginative, empathetic, full of inspiration."

-Emder Zeitung-

"An acoustic and visual highlight."

-Pyrmonter Nachrichten-

"An unforgettablr recital!"


In our childhood and youth we lived above 9000 km away from each other, Chie in Japan and Michael in Germany. However, we developed a passion for music through the piano in a very similar way. Although we are both from families of non-musicians, we discovered the music as an universal language, in which we were able to communicate much more differentiated than by our real mother language. Both of us started very soon to express our impressions also through own compositions and we were gravitated to the sound of the same composers.
When Chie came to Germany for studies, we got to know - and later we also got to love each other at a piano masterclass. This first encounter was already characterised by an exceptional familiarity as we felt a strong connection between us. We communicated as if we had known each other for a long time. Nevertheless, by no means it was a matter of course for us to establish a piano duo,  because each of us appreciates the individuality of the other and we absolutely did not want to restrict our individual artistic developments. So at first we played together as a duo only occationally. With increasing enthusiasm, we walked on the path to find common interpretation through the exchanging of thoughts. Unstoppably, the desire to live as a piano duo grew up in us.
Therefore, since then together we went on journeys into the music- and with the music,  we reflected our impressions and thoughts with musical dialogue. In various places of many countries we could experience the expressiveness of the all- embracing language we have dedicated ourselves to and that brought us together.
As a musician, one also likes to deal with works that were composed for other instrumentations. Driven by the fascination of these works, we often have the vision of a piano version. The works we have arranged are by no means to be experienced as a reduction to mere dissemination, as is often the case with arrangements for four hands from the 19th century. Rather, we would like to clothe the masterpieces we revere in their own new sound and expand the repertoire of four-hand piano literature. Inspired by the tradition of piano transcriptions, which began with Franz Liszt, we have devoted ourselves very ambitiously to "transcription" for our cast for several years.


So.23.01. Sickte

So.06.02. Aachen

Sa.19.03. Mönchengladbach
Alter Bahnhof Rheydt-Geneicken

So.20.03. Remscheid

Sa.26.03. Rysum
So.10.04. Gengenbach
Stadthalle am Nollen

S0.10.07. Schwalmtal
Theatersaal Melchiorsgrund Reservierung

So.17.07. Wickenberg
Büchtmannshof Reservierung

So.31.07. Rösrath
Schloss Eulenbroich Reservierung

So.18,12. Altenkirchen
Dr.-Wilhelm-Boden-Saal Reservierung

Sa.31.12. Meerbusch
Wasserturm  Reservierung

Do.02.02 Hamburg
Bechstein Zentrum

So.12.02. Zeven
Rathaus Saal

So.19.03. Wieckenberg

Sa.22.04, Bad Rehburg
Konzertsaal Wandelhalle

S0.02.07, Bassum  Reservierung
Stift Bassum

Sa.23.09. Rysum Reservierung
Rysumer Fuhrmannshof

So.19.11. Altena  Reservierung
Burg Holtzbrinck

So.31.12. Bad Oeynhausen  Reservierung
Wandelhalle im Kurpark

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